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Jacqueline Di Lello a Yonkers/NYC explorer, is currently working towards achieving her Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Purchase College. She studies Arts Management, and has also taken dance classes such as belly dance and jazz technique, in accordance with her passion for expression and a challenge. When Jacqueline was 8 years old, she competed at Madison Square Garden, representing her Notre Dame track team, and brought home a first-place trophy for high jump. From a young age, Jacqueline has developed as a talented athlete, though she’s never felt as grounded, connected, and strong until she found Pilates. Practicing Yoga for about six years now, Jacqueline was especially intrigued to learn about the anatomical principles which Pilates emphasizes, and excited to incorporate those same principles into her personal Yoga practice as well. STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer Certified, Jacqueline aims for the goals of her clients and more, never doubting the impact of a powerful group class. Being able to adjust each individual body to focus in on specific muscles and stay connected with the natural spinal alignment of the body, Jacqueline has been able to create workouts for each individual body, and admires diversity. She encourages everyone to sleep well, drink tea as often as possible, and come workout! Take a chance! A moving body is a happy body, mind, and soul.

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