Bio: Jennifer Makso

Jennifer fell in love with yoga when she was a law student in 2002. As the years passed, Jennifer immersed herself in the personal practice of vinyasa yoga, finding it both a necessary and beautiful balance to her legal career as a District Attorney in Philadelphia. Not only does she fully appreciate the physical and health benefits of yoga, but she also treasures the the teachings of compassion for yourself and others, and carries this into her own life every day. In 2015, inspired by the thought of sharing her passion for yoga with others in her community, Jennifer completed an intensive teacher training at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia. She has been teaching ever since and has found so much joy in helping students of all ages and levels along their path to wellness and self-care. Her classes focus on the needs of individual students and involve gently and gracefully flowing through different postures, while toning, stretching, and strengthening the body. She seeks to make each class a rewarding, fulfilling, and fun experience for her students. Jennifer recently moved here from Philadelphia, after she and her husband got married. She is so excited to become part of this community, meet new students, and bring her energy and enthusiasm to Pilates Unleashed.


Jennifer Makso

Yoga instructor