Bio: Sarah Schnapp

Sarah Schnapp is a continuing apprentice at Pilates Unleashed studio and our main teacher for Kid's Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for 2+ years and decided to follow her enthusiasm with movement and youth to become certified in Kids Yoga Teaching through Hosh Yoga in Brooklyn in February of 2017. In addition to having studied Movement Anatomy & Dance at Sarah Lawrence College (SLC), she has several years of experience working with children as a youth camp counselor in Connecticut, a co-teacher of dance at the SLC Early Childhood Center, and a tutor in elementary math and literature with an interest in serving autistic children. The summer of 2017, Sarah completed her Pilates mat and reformer training with Heidy Tejeda at Pilates Unleashed Studio, where she is continuing her apprentice training. Currently, she is at work in a self-directed research on the anatomy of Pilates and how Pilates changes muscle usage and posture overtime.

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Sarah Schnapp

Pilates Trained 2017