The Benefits of Private Training

private sessions

Private sessions offer a one-on-one customized experience tailored to one’s individual needs and strengths with an instructor who can demonstrate the guidance and support for maximum results. Sessions introduce the principles of Pilates and provide a thorough workout balanced with unique exercises, typically beginning with a classically ordered class on the Reformer or the Mat, there is a blend of using all exercises and equipment, which could be the Barrels, Towers, Jumpboard, Magic Circles and more. Each class is customized to one’s specific body needs, designed like a circuit where one can experience different pieces of Pilates apparatus integrated with mat pilates exercises. We recommend taking at least two privates sessions per week to see best results. Pilates Privates are recommended for athletes, dancers, and anyone in need of unique attention. We recommend two or more private sessions per week for the best results. In addition to that, Privates are strongly recommended for new clients to familiarize themselves with the method and philosophy of Pilates before coming to group class.

When one has access to all the Pilates apparatus equipment, customized routines tailored to their specific body needs, and the sole attention a trained instructor, one can expect quicker results. The unique workouts combined with the attention to proper form will speed up one’s results and assist them in weight loss, rehabilitating injuries, and relieving back pain. Our instructors introduce new variations, props, and equipment to keep one motivated and on track to meet their individual goals. These classes are booked according to one’s personal schedule, so it is convenient for anyone’s lifestyle.

semi-private (duets or trios)

Semi-Private classes are an option after one has taken a few private sessions and would like to continue in a small class environment. The Semi-Private classes (or more advanced level mat classes) offer a similar experience of individualized attention but without the hefty price. The structure of the semi-private class mirrors that of a private session integrating customized mat and reformer exercises but sharing the experience with one or two other people. With only 2-3 people in the class, the Pilates instructor can still give individual cues and corrections at a small group pace.