Our mission is to create an experience of positivity and power. We provide an integrated approach of Pilates & Yoga to restore and enlighten your body. Our goal is to unleash your innate strength. We provide the equipment and expertise necessary so that you can foster growth in balance, strength, and flexibility. Our clients are looking to improve their athletic game, their range of mobility, or their mental awareness to their body. We believe anyone can benefit from Pilates and yoga. Our community of positivity is meant to inspire and transform your life.


We are a place of community for social, physical and mental growth. A place where each student receives highly unique attention for their physical and mental needs. We care for each other through a collective attention to the body and the mind.


We value the Contemporary methods of pilates and Jivamukti Yoga. We are open to all forms and practices. We value your whole person: your physical and mental wellness and personal growth. We value your needs and your need to have fun.

our philosophy

We are committed to making your experience with Pilates and yoga an educational and beneficial practice that will continually enhance your life. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where hard work meets fun. We integrate mind-body awareness in all movements. We specialize in private and small group trainings (max of 4 students per class) to allow for the best results.

our story

In 2008, our founder Heidy Tejeda had a vision to create a unique experience for each client based on an amazing interaction of connectivity and productivity. She wanted to give the each person an experience that met their full needs. After beginning her unique brand in 2010, she soon had to expand our studio space to keep up with the growth of our active and supportive community. Our new location in Eastchester, New York is where we continue to grow for the community of all lower Westchester.